Haut Armagnac Château de Neguebouc
"Posternak Single Distillation"

Grape varieties:  60% Ugni-Blanc, 30% Colombard, 10% Folle Blanche

The “Posternak Single Distillation” is an Armagnac developed specifically for drinking as an aperitif,
as was customary at the beginning of the 20th century with the famous “brandy and soda”.

The grapes selected by Martine and Claude Posternak for the “Posternak Single Distillation” are high in total acidity and low in volatile acidity. High overall acidity means that the wines can be preserved without any sulphur being added before distillation. Low volatile acidity, synonymous with grapes picked before ripening with no presence of rot, is the best method of preventing too powerful ethers. The quest to banish ethers is a total obsession for Martine and Claude Posternak.

A unique, soft, elegant and surprising aperitif, drunk with or without ice.

Natural colouring